Parts Enquiries.

Please use the form below.

We need to know your Full Car Information i.e. Year, Make, Model, Engine and part you are looking for.

e.g. 1979 Pontiac Firebird 6.6L (Pontiac Engine) Con Rods

VIN Number for cars 1980 and newer are also useful.

Whilst we tend not to stock body panels and windscreens, most of these are available to order in and as the shipping is shared between multiple orders we are very competitive in this space.

Note that pricing delivered over the telephone is likely to be higher than that of parts available online, due to the extra cost of service. However we strive to make it as competitive as we can.

Call O330 828 1823

Advertising Your Car (for free)

For Customers that have traded with us in the last 18 months (parts or service), please use this form to provide the initial details (with a subject of Sell My Car).

We will then email you the terms and conditions and ask you to reply with photos of your vehicle. These are then typically loaded within 48 hours.

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