Payment Details and Summary of Terms of Trading.

BE, BE Automotive and BE Precision are all names/brands/trading names associated with Belcher Engineering Ltd

Customer Vehicle/Part Sales

The information contained on this website is for informational purposes and is published in good faith. Whilst every care has been taken in its preparation, Belcher Engineering does not make any warranties nor representations as to its accuracy or reliability. We neither accept nor assume any reliability in relation to the contents of these pages, and they should not be relied upon as accurate. In no event do we accept liability of any description including liability for negligence for any damages whatsoever resulting from loss of use, data or profits arising out of or in connection with the viewing, use or performance of this website or its contents. Belcher Engineering do not under any circumstances accept responsibility for the accuracy or otherwise of any advertisement or message published on the Belcher Engineering website.

Parts Orders.

Internet/Mail Order – Parts.  Pay pal and all major credit* and debit cards accepted. Payment to be taken at the time of order – no credit facilities offered. Cheques are no longer accepted for mail order items.

Post and packing service – All parcels are sent via Royal mail, Parcel Force,Everi or DPD Local depending upon which is the better service (in our opinion). Please note that whilst we take extreme care when packing your parts, we can not be held responsible for any damage or lost goods. We always obtain proof of postage, and are happy to help you with any claim. If you would like to take out insurance, then please advise the member of staff when placing your order.  Note that all Parcels over £50 in value are double checked for packing accuracy by a second member of staff.

Counter sales – Cash, and all major credit* and debit cards accepted. Payment will be taken at the time of order – no credit facilities offered. Cheques are no longer accepted for counter sales.

Returns service –
 We are happy to accept returned items as long as they are in the condition in which they were sold. Please use our website to fill in the returns form, which is the fastest way to return an item.  Alternatively, you can call and ask for a return, on an item stating the details below:

  • Item(s) to Return
  • Date of purchase
  • Receipt or Invoice details

 Conditions of a Return

  • Part(s) must be sent to the address listed on our Contact page, along with a copy of your invoice. Once the item has been checked over, you will receive a refund from the accounts department.
  • The postage cost to return the item, is at your expense – unless the item is deemed faulty or BE has made a mistake. In some circumstances we may find it necessary to charge a handling fee. Please check the contents of your parcel and inform us within 2 working days if there is a mistake with your order.

Returns Service - Restoration and Engineering Workshop - apologises but we are unable to offer any form of return service for these specialist services.

Core Fees - Core fees will only be refunded if your exchange unit is found to be in a ‘serviceable condition.’ Belcher Engineering Ltd reserves the right to determine whether or not the unit is ‘serviceable’. If your unit is found not to be in a satisfactory condition, we can refuse you a refund (either whole or partial.)

Special Orders – BE Is one of the main agents for a number of USA parts distributors including (but not limited to) Ecklers/Macs Antique Auto parts, Autoplus AP we can (subject to USA availability) order you any part(s) listed in their catalogues. We make no additional charge to you for this service, but please be aware that the price of the part(s) will be determined by the current commission rate, deferment, handling, import duty, and VAT. When enquiring please ask for a guide price before placing your order. We will require full payment on orders placed to the USA in advance.  Parts made to your own specific requirements (upholstery, carpets, hood and wood kits) and items not normally held in stock by the company cannot be returned for any reason (unless they are deemed faulty).

Purchasing items on your behalf from outside of the UK – We are happy to act as your agent if you require items to be imported to complete the repair work on your car. We need to have your written permission to act as your agent, and details of the item(s) to be imported. Please note that we do make a charge for this service, due to the amount of paper work involved to complete the process. As with all imports, the final price of the part(s) will be determined by the current commission rate, deferment, handling, import duty and VAT.

Product Listings and Errors.

BE reserves the right to cancel an order in the event of a listing error.  For the avoidance of doubt, a listing error is determined by BE.  In such an event, all customers will receive a full refund.


  • From time to time BE will offer sales through our website, where prices will be discounted.  Unless otherwise stated the sale price/amount relates to items purchased directly off our own website, not via telephone or other channels.
  • BE will not offer a refund to customers that have already purchased items previously at full price.
  • BE has the right to withdraw the sale at any time
  • The sale applies where we have stock levels.

Parts/Fitment and Problems.

BE will not be held accountable for the defect of any parts supplied, outside of providing our return/exchange service (see Return Service for more details).  This includes any damage to your vehicle through either through product failure or incorrect part usage (even where there has been a listing error).  Customers are advised to inspect and ensure any part fitted is correct for your vehicle.


Workshop Service/Restoration and Overhaul work  – 

Vehicle/Engine or Part Transportation to/from our Workshop

BE is not responsibility for customer Vehicle/Engine or part collection/transportation and any of the associated costs under any circumstances unless agreed to in writing from BE.  This includes costs associated with a warranty repair.  BE does not offer roadside recovery service or mobile mechanics.

Investigation Work 

A customer bringing and consequently leaving a car at Belcher Engineering is authorising us to investigate the issue as highlighted by the customer.  Such investigation work can include the use of tools such as borescopes, compression tests and any other process that BE deem necessary to identity what is causing the problem highlighted by the customer.

Where the issue to investigate is verbally given to BE (i.e. not confirmed in writing), for the avoidance of doubt the customer authorises BE to investigate any issue.

Investigation work to identify the issue can vary significantly depending upon the type and nature of the problem. Older cars do not have computers than pin point where the problem is and whilst some problems can be identified quickly, others could take more than a day to find (before any resolution takes place).

 BE will not routinely spend more than 2 days investigating an issue without being in touch with customers.

Remediation Work (Typically follows Investigation work)

When a customer brings a car to BE with a problem, BE assumes that we are to remediate the issue (following the investigation into what is causing the issue), unless a written email is sent to BE outlining that we are only to investigate the work.

Remediation of other problems.

BE will not remediate other unconnected issues/problems without first being in touch with customers to highlight our findings, however directly connected issues may be resolved.

Restoration/Modification Work

BE will look to carry out the restoration or modification work as requested by the customer and provide weekly or bi weekly report on our progress and the hours (and associated costs)taken. This work can include other such work, where that directly impacts the requested restore/modification e.g. Customer has requested a New Brake Pedal be fitted and has supplied the pedal.  BE would be free to modify the pedal (if required) to ensure it fitted correctly and the customer would be charged any associated hours of work/material.  These would be detailed with pictures (for justification) and detailed in the progress reports.

Typically the Progress Reports (and hours highlighted) are utilised in the invoicing cycle, along with parts listed on top.

Warranty on Work undertaken and Parts

BE prides itself on the quality of our work, however as with all vehicle’s problems can occur.

If the issue is directly related to the remediation work that we have undertaken, then BE will happily resolve (or reimburse where resolution isn’t possible) the issue within 3 months of the work being undertaken. 

Please note that the directly related remediation is at the complete discretion of BE and the following example are provided for guidance only purposes: 

  • A customer brings a car in with an ignition problem which BE resolve via new spark plugs, only for two days later a further problem arises with the ignition and the car fails to start. Upon investigation the distributor has failed. 
    • In this instance the customer would be liable for the replacement distributor and time taken to replace it.

For the avoidance of doubt, BE does not warrant anything outside of the work we have specifically undertaken and this work will be detailed in a progress report or in the Invoice.

BE does not reimburse customers time or costs associated with returning car parts, engines or vehicles, including time associated with removing engines/parts or vehicle recovery.

Individual (New) Parts supplied by BE are subject to a 3 month warranty as standard.  BE will at no cost to the customer replace any worn or broken parts supplied within 3 months of fitting provided the car or parts are returned to our workshop.

Part restored engines come as standard with a 3-month warranty from supply, specifically on the work we have carried out (and our specific parts applied)

BE complete (crate or exchange) engines come with a 3 months warranty as standard from supply.

Please note that parts not supplied by Belcher Engineering (but by the customer) may affect part of the warranty claim, this is at the discretion of Belcher Engineering.

Note that all work undertaken by Belcher Engineering or part warranties require the customer to return the car, engine or part/component(s) to Belcher Engineering at the customers own expense. Belcher Engineering is not responsible for the collection or delivery of cars, engines or components or any costs associated with this.   Warranty claims will become void if work is undertaken by other individuals or organisations.

No warranty is supplied on second hand parts unless otherwise specifically stated.

BE requires that any basic running maintenance is carried out to ensure a warranty claim is not void, as an example checking and topping up the oil level on a car or engine supplied.  Vintage and Classic vehicles/engines, even those that are fully restored will frequently consume oil (as they did from new).  If a warranty claim reveals burnt oil markings on a crank/internals this is a direct indication that the engine has run out of oil and thus the warranty is void.

For a full and more detailed list of all conditions associated with our warranty, please see warranty further details at the end of this section.

Assumptions and Limitations

Work carried out by the customer or by customer engaged third parties meets a suitable standard that does not interfere with the restoration work carried out by BE.

BE cannot be held liable for the safety or reliability (beyond the stated warranty) of parts/components supplied to vintage or classic cars.  Please note classic or vintage cars would not meet modern road safety standards and owners should complete their own safety inspection.

Vintage and Classic car parts/components availability can vary significantly.  BE cannot be held accountable for third party parts supply, that could result in a delay to the project estimated timeframes.

Occasionally BE will need to utilise third party companies for certain specific works that are either more cost effective for the customer or that are outside of our skill, machining or certification standard.  As an example, this could be the completion of MSA Roll cage for British motorsport, where BE does hold that certification.  BE cannot be held accountable by customers for delays to projects that are a direct result of problems with third party company works.

It is assumed and strongly recommended that customers allow sufficient time post completion of any major project completed by BE to run in their vehicle or component to ensure any teething (snagging) problems are addressed prior to commencing any significant long-distance voyages/rally’s

Estimated Pricing

Where BE has provided estimated pricing.

Whilst every effort is spent to give correct estimated pricing, due to the very nature of vehicle or component restoration, not every cost can be foreseen in advance of work commencing.

Our pricing is designed to give an estimated range, given the information available prior to the work commencing.

At each stage BE will notify you in writing about any additional parts (of significant value) or potential additional time/cost that’s required, but only if the estimation of time/costs would be exceeded by more than 10% for the given area of work/section i.e. BE will not notify you for new parts or additional labour costs if the costs for the given area of work remains within the estimation supplied in this document.  (Thus allowing our team to get on with the job in hand)

All customers are within their rights to source parts or components separately, there is no obligation to utilise BE supplied parts.  However, BE reserves the right to charge for additional parts/work/time if a customer supplied component or second hand item fails resulting in a warranty claim.

Pricing is valid for 30 days from the date stated within the scope of works.

BE prices all vehicle work at £68.5+VAT per hour, even where our Precision Engineering team become involved (specialist knowledge).

Project Updates

BE will look to provide weekly or at least bi-weekly updates on projects expected to take more than two weeks in total (updates maybe requested for projects less than 2 weeks).  These updates will show work undertaken, hours spent, highlight any further areas of work that are either recommended or essential to progress the project forward.  Any areas of work that exceed the original (scope of) works will be shown in the weekly or bi-weekly report, where a customer can choose whether or not to proceed.

In addition, BE will provide either photographic or video updated records of work undertaken, allowing customers to see progress for themselves.

Right to Cancel Work

Customers have the right to cancel the project/vehicle work at any stage, with no commitment to BE beyond settling any outstanding balance.  Note that vehicles/projects cannot be taken from our site until the outstanding balance is settled.

BE has the right not to undertake work requested by a customer, where we feel its

  • Outside of our skill set
  • Likely to Result in a future warranty claim (i.e. a temporary or poor fix that could lead to a future claim)
  • Concerns around whether a customer can settle outstanding balances (i.e. pay the bill).
  • Parts and availability problems


  • Small Works will typically be carried out and payment is required on or before collection of the vehicle.  For the avoidance of doubt, unless otherwise stated all works will be considered small works and payment will be expected on or before collection.
  • Larger works (as specifically highlighted to customers) will typically get invoiced every 2-4 weeks, where work has activity taken place. Payment is required within 15 days of the invoice being sent, with all outstanding balances being settled prior to the vehicle/engine being taken off site.
  • Projects on the larger size or where significant investment in parts is required, may require a deposit to be placed before we undertake the work.


Storage of Cars, Engines or Components.

Whilst efforts will be made to store vintage, classic or American cars undercover whilst work is undertaken, due to space limitations sometimes this is not possible.

BE is not responsible for customer car (parked up/lack of use) deterioration whilst at our premises e.g. The Battery becoming flat, damage to paintwork due to bird droppings, brakes seizing on etc., remedial work to resolve such issues may be charged at our standard hourly rate.

BE require completed customer vehicles, engine or components to be collected within 48 hours of completion (we will notify you) unless otherwise specifically arranged or notified with or by Belcher Engineering.

Your completed vehicle or engine could be blocking our workshop preventing work on other customers cars/restorations or projects.

Any vehicle, engine or component not collected within 48 hours (without separate arrangement) maybe stood outside and whilst we will attempt to cover the vehicle, Belcher Engineering will not be liable for any damage incurred.

Where vehicle collection does not take place within 2 weeks, the customer will be liable for a storage fee of £150 per week.

Warranty Further Details – 

BE Believes in providing customers with a peace of mind warranty, so our engines and car restoration work comes with a 3 month warranty that we honour under the following conditions.

Summary of high-level conditions

In order for a warranty claim not to be void, the following basic maintenance must take place: 

  1. All fluid levels (water and oil) must be checked and maintained.
  1. Water must not have been allowed to enter the engine (through induction or other means) or other major components (that are susceptible to water damage).
  1. If any engine block assembly is defective in material or workmanship furnished by BE, it must be returned to us at your expense and we will, after inspection and in our opinion, either repair or replace the engine.
  1. BE is not responsible for any other costs incurred by the owner in removing and installing the engine and its components. It is at our sole discretion to determine if defect is due to our material or workmanship.
  • The three months warranty begins from the date of purchase (if a crate component) or from the date of shipping/collection in the case of an in-house restored item.
  • BE does not warranty items shipped to a final destination outside of the UK.
  1. We do not offer a warranty on any engine and/or parts/components (under any circumstance) if used for competition, trial or sprint events.
  1. Please note - we cannot give any warranty or be held responsible for the condition of any engine block (the block itself) (either supplied by you or by BE), nor any subsequent work carried out on the block. It is given and understood that whilst every effort is made to ensure the satisfactory condition of all blocks it is impossible to give any guarantee that cracks and/or fault lines are not inherent in such aged components.
  1. BE will not be liable for loss of fuel, earnings from work, penalty and storage charges, parking tickets, keys, theft from your vehicle, clamps, toll charges, broken glass, traffic congestion charges, running out of fuel or incorrect fuel, damaged key fobs, vehicles immersed or immobilised, calling costs, vehicle’s which are not serviced in line with the manufacturer’s service schedule.
  1. Customers should be aware that BE has the right to repair or replace under the consumer rights act (2015) in accordance with our warranty term. Customers are advised that engines/components or vehicle work done by BE, should be returned to our premises in order that we may undertake such work or offer alternative arrangements (at BE’s discretion).  Work undertaken by third party companies will invalidate your warranty, unless first agreed by BE.  Please see the terms from the consumer rights act below:
  • “A consumer who requires or agrees to the repair of goods cannot require the trader to replace them, or exercise the short-term right to reject, without giving the trader a reasonable time to repair them (unless giving the trader that time would cause significant inconvenience to the consumer).”
  • A consumer who requires or agrees to the replacement of goods cannot require the trader to repair them, or exercise the short-term right to reject, without giving the trader a reasonable time to replace them (unless giving the trader that time would cause significant inconvenience to the consumer). 

Full List of Warranty Terms and Exclusions

  1. BE is not liable for any customers transportation costs, including returning of faulty cars/engines.
  2. BE is not liable for any third party costs associated with a warranty or claim, for example we will not be liable for entrance fees for competitions or rallys that are missed as a result of vehicle/engine/component fault.
    1. Customers are advised to ensure sufficient time remains after restoration work is completed to resolve any snagging issues.
  3. Vehicles used for (unless specified in your policy schedule); carriage of passengers, heavier than 3.5t, goods for hire and reward, off road, hackney carriage/taxi, motor sports determined by time or speed including practice and track racing/days.
  4. This warranty plan does not cover exhaust emissions or MOT failures.
  5. This warranty plan excludes any damage caused by a road traffic accident or collision or any road hazard whether or not insured under any motor insurance or accidental damage policy.This also excludes bodily injury or death, or any other damage howsoever caused.
  6. The warranty plan does not cover inherent faults of any description. Inherent faults are those that existed at the time of purchase.
  7. This agreement does not cover service components or maintenance items of any kind (those items that would normally be maintained under the vehicles standard servicing schedule such as: brake pads, brake discs, timing belts, filters and oil changes), air conditioning re-gassing is also not covered.
  8. Corrosion
  9. Freezing
  10. Foreign matter entering the engine or fuel
  11. Oil contamination
  12. Carbon build up
  13. Failure to maintain the vehicle in a roadworthy condition including maintenance of proper levels of oil and coolant.
  14. Failing to service the vehicle as part of the manufacturer’s service schedule.
  15. The effects of over-heating, whether caused by continued use or negligence.
  16. Negligence or wilful damage (including continuing to drive the vehicle when it is not mechanically/electrically sound).
  17. Natural deterioration of parts due to age and/or mileage, condition and usage and end of life.
  18. Use of incorrect grade’s of fuel or oil or the use of inadequate or improper coolant.
  19. Subjecting the vehicle to a load greater than that permitted by law or the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  20. Fire, self-ignition, lightning, earthquake, explosion, flood, storm, tempest, frost, water damage, theft or attempted theft, aircraft or other aerial devices or articles dropped there from or any extreme causes.
  21. No liability will be accepted for the damage caused by: poor repairs carried out at any time, or faulty workmanship of any description.
  22. Gradual increase in oil consumption due to normal operating functions for vehicles of the period.
  23. Natural disasters like flooding, hurricanes etc., that damage cars/engines or components are not covered by any BE warranty.

 Making a claim

  • If faults arise on your vehicle then do not attempt to drive further as this may cause extensive damage to other components. Please contact BE at the earliest opportunity for guidance. Claims which do not follow the guidelines will be invalidated.

Health & Safety - Braking and steering components (second hand) sold only on the agreement and understanding they are sold for pattern purposes only. You (the customer) fully understand we accept no liability for any possible outcome relating to any health and safety issue.

Important details - All prices are subject to VAT.

Ebay Auction Items - Items purchased on ‘Ebay auction’ do not carry a return policy (unless the item has been listed by the Company incorrectly.)

Ebay Shop Items/ Ebay Buy it Now Items – Items purchased through ‘Ebay shop’or ‘Buy it Now’are subject to our Company return policy as stated above or as listed on Ebay. 

Advertising on Social Media/Website

Please note: Whilst your Vehicle, Unit, Component or Job is here with us, we may decide to photograph and/or video it and use these media files for advertising purposes. Please let us know at the times of order if you would prefer us not to use your Vehicle, Unit, Component or Job in this way. Thank you.

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