Searching for Parts

In order to help you search for the car parts you are looking for; our website has a few handy ways to guide you to the appropriate spares.
If you know the part number or specific item name (Cylinder head) you can simply enter it into the search box and a range of possible matches will be displayed.
Example A6395A will show a Flywheel Housing, its worth trying with and without the -.
The Searching option also has the ability to be filtered by manufacturer (Make). So selecting Ford under the Make & Model button, will then restrict the searching to specific Ford parts I.e. you will only get Ford compatible Cylinder heads shown.

You can also browse parts, using our Parts Finder Page.  Here you can select the Manufacturer, Models, Years and Engine specification of your vehicle.

Its worth noting that American car parts, particularly those that in the 50s, 60s and early 70s can vary from vehicle to vehicle, so you might see either multiple options for your master cylinder (as an example), or maybe yours wont even be shown. 

Please check the pictures to ensure compatibility.
If you’re unable to find the car part you require online, then use the contain form to send us your requirements and we can almost certainly source the correct one for you. You can also call us or visit us at our premises during the working week.

Universal and Parts By Engine

This option allows you to view parts that span multiple vehicles, such as valve covers that may fit a variety of different cars.  

Vintage Ford Car Parts.

We stock a wide range of Ford Model A and V8 parts, much of which is not currently on the website (it’s a work in progress). BE also acts as an agent for Ecklers Automotive, Arizona Model A and we have many other sources and relationships where we bring in a regular supply of Vintage Ford car parts.
For the ultimate is quality and performance, look out for the BE manufactured parts, which include our ‘GEM Speed’ parts.

American Car Parts.

We stock an increasingly large amount of American car parts, most of which date from the 50s to 90s. BE is an agent for one of the largest distributors for automotive parts in the USA and most weeks we are having large pallet loads of stock arrive. So even if we don’t have something in stock you’re looking for, we can quickly obtain it and unlike sourcing parts in the USA yourself, we offer a no obligation returns policy (see terms and conditions for details) which gives piece of mind if something goes wrong. It also saves you expensive shipping costs, since anything we order in is shared across multiple customers orders.

Delivery Process

At BE every care is taken with ensuring you item(s) are packaged and delivered with care. All the items that go into a box/package are double checked and signed off to ensure they are all present and correct when they leave our site.
There are several delivery options available, we recommend that more expensive items are sent express. Larger items we will automatically insure for you.

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